✎ appointments only ✎

At Inked Up Bristol to book in for a piercing please call or email us.

Please note that we stop piercing by 5pm. So last appointment is at 4.45pm

This is a starting price list, final price will depend on the anatomy and jewellery chosen.

Please note, we do NOT pierce anybody under the age of 14 years.

Always remember to bring a valid photo I.D.

Here is our piercing price list:

Ear Piercings (14+)

Lobe from £20
Outer cartilage from £25
Inner cartilage from £30
Industrial from £40

Facial Piercings (16+)

Lower lip from £25
Upper lip from £25
Smiley/ Frowney/ Tongue webbing from £30
Eyebrow/Bridge from £30
Nose from £30
Tongue (18+) from £30

Body Piercings (16+/18+)

Navel from £30
Nipple from £40
Microdermal from £30