At Inked Up Bristol we do most of our piercing on walk-in basis, so there is usually no need to book.

Please note that we stop piercing by 5pm.

Piercing prices vary depending on the placement.

Please note, we do NOT pierce anybody under the age of 14 years.

Always remember to bring valid photo I.D.

Here is our piercing price list:

Ear Piercings

Lobe – Piercing through the earlobe £25 pair
£15 single
Auricle – Piercing through mid-ear outer cartilage £20
Helix – Piercing through outer ear cartilage £20
Forward Helix – Piercing through top rim of cartilage £25
Tragus – Piercing through cartilage in front of ear canal £25
Anti-Tragus – Piercing through cartilage on lobe £30
Conch – Piercing through shell of the ear £25
Snug – Inner cartridge fold piercing £30
Rook – Anti helix piercing £25
Daith – Piercing between rook and tragus £25
Industrial –A pair of cartilage piercings connected via one bar £40

Facial Piercings

Eyebrow- Vertically through eyebrow £25
Bridge – Horizontally pierced across bridge of nose £30
Nostril – Piercing through either nostril £25
Septum – Piercing though middle of nose £30
Smiley- Piercing though connecting tissue of upper lip and gum £25
Frowny – Piercing though connecting tissue of lower lip and gum £25
Tongue Webbing - Piercing under tongue (16+) £25
Tongue – Includes bar change 2-4 weeks’ time (18+) £30
Cheeks – Piercing through both cheeks (18+) £60

Lip Piercings

Labret – Piercing through middle of the skin under lower lip £25
Vertical Labret – Piercing through the middle of lower lip £30
Dolphin Bites- Two piercings centred on the lower lip £40
Side lip – Piercing through side of lower lip £25
Snake Bites - Two piercings on either side of lower lip £40
Medusa – Central piercing through upper lip £30
Madonna – Piercing through side of upper lip £25

Body Piercings

Navel – Piercing through top or bottom rim of navel(16+) £30
Nipple –Horizontal/vertical piercing through nipple (18+) £40single
Skin Divers – Gems within the skin (16+) £30each
Surface Piercings (16+) £30