A history of involvement in many aspects of tattooing dating back to the mid 1980's Greggs has been working as a professional tattoo artist since 2013.

Practicing fine art a painter/sculptor for 30 years he has exhibited throughout the UK, Europe and North America.

His favourite styles are large scale Japanese pieces, traditional Americana and Black & Grey Realism.

You can look though Gregg’s recent work on his Instagram!


Phil has finished his apprenticeship at Inked Up in summer 2018 and now he is our third resident artist.

He is proficient in various styles. His favourite styles are Japanese, traditional and realistic black/grey.
Phil loves to paint and has some of his prints up for sale.

Check out his work on instagram!


Chris is our current tattoo apprentice.

He has a great style and is a very fast learner. At the moment Chris has a lot of flash available, all at apprentice rates!

Check out his instagram or message him for more info.


Vikka is Inked Up's senior piercer.

Piercing since 2017.
She has been attending the Association of Professional Piercers (UKAPP) conference every year, to​ learn and develop new skills to make it a better and safer experience for you.

She is happy to help you to curate a new piercing look or dazzle up your existing piercings.
Pop in for a free consultation!
Check out her work on instagram.


Jennine is our resident juniour piercer.

She was mentored by Vikka for the past year at Inked Up.
She is proficient in all common ear, face and body piercings.

Check out her work on instagram